FERGUS – Hotel Chocolat Covent Garden 11.12.18

FERGUS in his appearance is gentle and relaxed, wearing an awesome faux fur jacket with a tree green jumper, matched with his rugged beard and wavy hair – he really fits the part. Both his voice and personality are addictive which creates excitement for what he is about to share with his up and coming music

Sitting beneath a chocolate haven lays a wonderful venue: ‘The Cocoa Rooms’.. We are here to experience the launch of FERGUS and his EP. The basement is small, dimly candle lit and packed full of people waiting to experience his live vocal set, accompanied by band members to help with the acoustics of his songs. The stage has a simple, yet humble set up, branded with the FERGUS logo, along with the instruments to create the wonderful music we are about to hear. On arrival FERGUS seems calm, cool and collected, entertaining everyone in the room whom have made the journey central to watch him perform.

From the first note, the room was hooked on his euphoric, transformative tone, taking everyone on a journey and break from the outside world.

From the first note, the room was hooked on his euphoric, transformative tone, taking everyone on a journey and break from the outside world. Sitting center stage, FERGUS with his nimble appearance, starts by introducing his first song – ‘Submarine’. His humble, shy exterior is no reflection on his voice however. First note sang and the hairs on my skin are at an end. He has a very special voice with a dulcet tone that immediately grabs the attention of everyone in the room. A soft helping hand from the band guitarist to create harmonies, balanced the sounds out along with the beat of the box drum creating an ambient feel throughout the room. ‘Willow’ and ‘Sinking’ have to be my favorites from his set. Each song had its individual meaning and personality, but there was something special about this specific duo.

Throughout FERGUS’s set I couldn’t help but feel that every word he sang was truly meant and felt. The emotion depicted when he sang was intense, passionate and immersed into the atmosphere that he created within the room and its surroundings beneath the stage. As I look around the room people are truly, deeply mesmerized by the sound of FERGUS’s voice: its melodious, harmonious and addictive tone leaves you wanting more.

Besides listening to the samples sent to me, this was the first time I had ever witnessed FERGUS singing live. His EP ‘Purple Rain’ recently released and is currently available for download. His music is worth every moment taken to listen to it, transporting you into another dynamic world within your mind. The kind of music that can really help you contemplate life whilst enjoying the meaning of the words.

Finishing off with a classic Christmas number ‘White Christmas’ really helped everyone feel the festive mood. As awkward as FERGUS may admittedly feel whilst he is on stage, his persona oozes a quiet confidence that only allows for everyone to fall in love with him and his music a little more. A non-pretentious human and star in the making, unleashed are just a few of the magical songs which we had the opportunity to witness before he undoubtedly strikes gold with his exciting up and coming music career.

We laughed and joked about how the mold on the walls and windows became a part of the normal décor rather than being a hindrance.

Other than FERGUS giving a wonderful performance, I also got the chance to get to know him a little better. I didn’t have a clue about his upbringing or background before our interview, and now feel like I understand where his soft, yet powerful tones come from. Born and raised in Cambridge, publicly schooled, FERGUS spent his youth in the Cambridge choir from the age of 9 through to 18. Each morning before school spent practicing and honing his wonderful voice. As idyllic as this sounds, it seemed it didn’t come without compromise, challenge & commitment. FERGUS describes these days as hard work but is grateful for the experience, which led him to his love for music today. Spending every Christmas being centre stage of the choir, FERGUS remains realistic in his approach and to the greatness of his skills.

I am in awe of his experience and resilience during his youth. Many people looking from the outside in may feel FERGUS’s special upbringing ideal and magical, which I am sure some parts were. Still he speaks of times where he just wanted to be a kid. His sister, also being musical, shares his talents, and he speaks of them having completely different styles yet both enjoying being creative with music. FERGUS’s parents – both hard working – have given him the best possible start in life, and I can’t help but imagine their pride at his achievements thus far.

FERGUS hasn’t always lived a life of comfort, spending a two-year stint living in Bristol with his close friend in a flat that was less than glamorous. We laughed and joked about how the mold on the walls and windows became a part of the normal décor rather than being a hindrance. Getting by on a loose wage packet whilst trying to understand where his life was to take him, he had fun exploring his adulthood, learning about love, heartbreak, experimenting with numerous names for himself as a solo act (sworn to secrecy not to publish them – laughing), along with trying out a stint in the confectionary business with his family. Having traveled throughout Europe whilst figuring where his path was to lead, we chatted about his fun escapades, along with the moment where his focus clicked to do what he was best at – Music!

Moving back to the family home to focus on his passion after a life of grime in Bristol, FERGUS gained confidence and momentum in his trail towards success. He began to perfect his vocal skills, and gained confidence in playing the guitar along with his previous experience in playing cello and piano. The synchronization of the three really help his audience understand his wonderful sounds created and there’s a hint of the three sounds in his up and coming music.

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Article by Rachel Bambrough for Grapevine London.