Milano Wine Week: the worldwide event is becoming increasingly technological

Milano Wine Week is becoming increasingly technological: “Digital Wine Week”, the online platform dedicated to members of the trade, and the innovative app “W” for wine lovers, have been unveiled
Milano Wine Week is ready to return. The first wine event in history to connect the city of Milan with 11 metropolises worldwide in 7 key export markets – theU.S.A, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Hong Kong and Japan – is becoming ever more technological.

The B2B platform of Milano Wine Week – Digital Wine Week https://digitalwineweek.itis in fact now online.This isan innovativetechnological aid for trade professionals all over the world, which enriches their experience of actually being present in Milan and in the 11 cities with live events connected to the Italian show, and also allows buyers and other members of the trade to take advantage of these from other locations.

This is an interactive instrument that facilitates direct connection between the world’s wine business community and the wineries and producers participating in Milan. The platform represents an interactive hub and a medium that can be used free by all members of the trade and buyers who register and will allow them to take part in the masterclasses in the 11 cities involved – Montreal, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Miami, London, Moscow, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

The masterclasses with simultaneous translation from Italian to English, the 4 forums of in-depth analysis – devoted to wine science, wine retail, internationalization, and emerging trends in the industry – which will involve prestigious speakers and international experts in the sector, the workshops and webinars will be available both live and on demand for professionals who have registered from all over the world, who will also be able to consult the catalog of producers and of the wines that are being presented during the event and contact the wineries and producers directly.

But the novelties do not end there. This year, Milano Wine Week goes even further and is launching the innovative “W” app, an instrument for wine lovers, so that they can enjoy to the full the nine days of the event, from 2nd to 10th October, and navigate among the hundreds of appointments and meetings spread around Milan, all organized with total respect for the regulations safeguarding the health and safety of participants.
This just goes to show how digital products and technology are instruments that can enhance an experience, without substituting physical events but rather providing an added value that makes them even more enjoyable.

Designed by Softec, the app allows the visitor to create an exclusive, personalized itinerary, integrated with what the city already has to offer. «The app that we have produced in cooperation with Softec allows one to live Milano Wine Week as an experience that is full of life and in harmony with the outstanding features of the city» explains Federico Gordini, President of Milano Wine Week. «And, when the event is over, it will remainavailable as an active instrument for exploring the world of wine».

Innovation is part of Milano Wine Week’s DNA: thanks to the digitalization of the wine lists of all the city’s restaurants, Milan will be the first city in the world in which one can choose where to go and eat based on the wine that one wishes to drink: an innovative experience that will be possible using the“W” App, which will also allow users to take advantage of many of the city’s services: renting a bike, booking a visit to an exhibition, reserving a place at an event or taking part in the Wine Tours which, during Milano Wine Week, will connect Milan with the wine regions that are nearby or not too far away.

In UK, the tastings – organized with the support of ITA – Italian Trade Agency and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, entirely in line with the current regulations for the health and safety of those participating – will take place in Londonfrom 4th to 8th October at 67 Pall Mall (67 Pall Mall, St. James’s, London).

Here is the program of the tastings:

Monday October, 4th 
10.30 – 11.45 | “Native grapes: Italian regional specialties by the glass” by COLDIRETTI
15.30 – 16.45 | “Chianti D.O.C.G.: quintessence of Tuscany. An exciting horizontal tasting of the 2019 vintage through its seven sub-zones of production” by Consorzio Vino Chianti (blind tasting)

Tuesday October, 5th 
10.30 – 11.45 | “Italy: homeland of white native grapes” by CONFAGRICOLTURA
15.30 – 16.45 | “Rive in Verticale” by Masottina (blind tasting)
An unprecedented and unusual journey to discover Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, Rive di Ogliano DOCG. Through the two crus of Masottina R.D.O. Ponente and R.D.O. Levante presented in three different harvests, we will try to answer these questions: what are the Rive? How is a terroir expressed in the glass? What organoleptic nuances do we find in a single vineyard? And … above all, how do these Prosecco wines evolve in the face of the ironic judgment of the most intransigent judge: the time?

17.15 – 18.30 | “Asti Spumante and Moscato d’Asti: join the wines from the first UNESCO winemaking district in Italy” by Consorzio dell’Asti e del Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Wednesday October, 6th 
11.00 – 12.15 | “London calling” by Montelvini
15.30 – 16.45 | “Valdo sparkling wines: blending Tradition with Innovation since 1926” by Valdo Spumanti
17.15 – 18.30 | “Bubbles with Berlucchi Franciacorta” by Berlucchi

Thursday October, 7th 
11.00 – 12.15 | “Italian Sparkling wines compared” by CONFAGRICOLTURA
13.30 – 14.45 | “Italy: homeland of red native grapes” by CONFAGRICOLTURA
15.30 – 16.45 | “2015 – BRUNELLO, LE RISERVE | The Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG” by Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino

Friday October, 8th 
11.00 – 12.15 | “Go West from East: an unusual northern Italy wine trip. Prosecco DOC” by Leone Alato 
14.30 – 15.45 | “Italian regional specialties by the glass” by COLDIRETTI
16.15 – 17.30 | “2016 -BRUNELLO, I VERSANTI |The terroirs within the region” by Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino

Milano Wine Week has become an experience with a strong focus on innovation and a unique technological system, making the event into a new starting point for the wine industry.
Further details on activities at the event can be found on the website and on the official social media channels.

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