Tom Speight at Groucho Club Soho

Amidst the exclusivity of the Groucho club and its exuberant interior lay a humble corner stage awaiting the artists for this evenings music event. A mix of socialites, entrepreneur’s, music buffs and artists gather in an array of colorful clobber excited to listen to the tones that await us.

Lost in conversation and the taste of good wine despite the obligatory service charge on our bill, I must say the first sip was very welcome and set the tone perfectly for listening to an exciting gathering of eclectic mixes on tonight’s stage.

Taking in the dimly lit interior watching guests sit upon the last of the few remaining seats the gig was about to start. A warm enriching welcome to Tom Speight, Lydia Clowes and Tommy Ashby upon their meek Monday night appearance on stage.

I have had the advantage of seeing them perform at previous gigs and looked forward to seeing a slightly different dynamic on stage, Lydia donning her Bass guitar for the first time wowed the crowd with her subtle tones and melodic encompassing voice, whilst Tom had the whole club eating out of the palm of his hand displaying an exultant, confident presence on stage appealing on many different levels within the club. Capturing the odd approval of eye brows raising and sways within the crowd helped the mood become more than appetising for the many ears listening in the room.

Tom displayed a sophisticated skill on his guitar tying the set together like tree branches entwined. It was meant to this wonderful dynamic 3-piece band organically working with one another creating something special. Performing the following playlist “Little Love, Strangers now, Willow Tree & Evermore” the crowd weren’t ready to say goodbye. They left everyone craving more which is the effect a good band should have. They really live up to a famous saying once said by Friedrich Nietzsche “Without music, life would be a mistake”, Tom Speight and crew put this into context.

Tom releases a brand new Single called “Collide” you can watch the video and listen here:

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